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Business & Commercial Litigation

Cost-Effective Solutions Tailored to Your Business Objectives

At Meynardie & Nanney, PLLC, we understand that innovative and cost-effective legal solutions to business or commercial claims are often not possible without first understanding the nature of the business. Our lawyers have more than 40 years of combined experience representing small businesses and commercial clients in a variety of industries throughout North Carolina. We understand business, and we will work hard to understand yours so as to obtain effective resolutions tailored to your objectives.

Our clients range from small, owner-operated businesses to large, nationally known corporations. Both Mr. Meynardie and Mr. Nanney have more than 20 years of experience prosecuting and defending clients in business-to-business litigation, internal business disputes and employment-related concerns, including:

  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Lease disputes and commercial real estate litigation
  • Disputed sales contracts, warranty disputes
  • Unfair or deceptive trade practices litigation
  • Fraud/misrepresentation claims
  • Franchise agreement disputes
  • Shareholder or partnership disputes
  • Business-to-business divorces
  • Whistleblower claims/qui tam litigation
  • Corporate governance concerns
  • Enforcement/defense of covenants not to compete
  • Other employee-related contract disputes
  • Protection of trade secrets, including intellectual property litigation
  • Professional negligence
  • Collections

We understand the significant impact litigation can have on your business operations and your bottom line. Beyond the financial costs of litigation, we know the time commitments you or your employees must devote to activities that have little or nothing to do with your business.

As such, we seek creative legal solutions through the more cost-effective means of negotiation, mediation and arbitration wherever appropriate. Both of our Raleigh business and commercial litigation attorneys, as tough negotiators and experienced mediators, have achieved successful results through these methods. When litigation cannot be avoided, however, we are experienced and aggressive advocates in court.

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Business Dispute

Mr. Meynardie and Mr. Nanney have more than 20 years of experience prosecuting and defending clients in business-to-business litigation, internal business disputes and employment-related concerns.

“Bob Meynardie handled a difficult matter involving a partnership for me.  I chose Meynardie because he was a smaller firm that would take the time to understand my case. I felt that he would accurately assess my chances of a positive outcome versus the expense of getting there.  After working with Bob for over 18 months we did achieve the desired outcome. To me it was a difficult case but Bob was prepared and correct every time a motion or challenge was issued. I highly recommend his services to anyone with a business legal issue and will use him again if necessary.” — Managing Partner, sales engineering company

Business & Commercial Litigation Blogs

In Maurer v. Maurer, 2013 NCBC 44, 2013 WL ________, the North Carolina Business Court revisited the question of when a minority shareholder has an individual right to maintain an action against the controlling majority for a breach of fiduciary duties. Ordinarily, the controlling shareholders owe fiduciary duties to the corporation not to the minority....

A trade secret is business or technical information that is not generally known and not readily ascertainable through independent development or reverse engineering as long as the owner takes reasonable steps to protect the secrecy. 1. Does North Carolina protect trade secrets? Yes. North Carolina has adopted an amended version of the Uniform Trade Secrets...

In Beverage Systems of the Carolinas, LLC v. Associated Beverage Repair, LLC, 2016 WL 1084117 (N.C. Supreme Court Mar. 18, 2016), the North Carolina Supreme Court reiterated the adoption of the “‘strict blue pencil’ doctrine under which a court cannot rewrite a faulty covenant not to compete but may enforce a divisible and reasonable portion...

Mediation is a remarkable tool for resolving disputes. Very few cases in North Carolina are tried to juries anymore, in large part because the mediation process is so effective. I was recently in a restaurant that prominently displayed this sign: “NO we don’t have WiFi. Talk to each other.” Many times disputes erupt or are...