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Meynardie & Nanney, PLLC

At Meynardie & Nanney, PLLC, we understand that litigation is not a part of our clients' business strategy. We also know that legal disputes can be a costly distraction from your operations. Our sole objective is finding cost-effective solutions that resolve your issues effectively and efficiently.

Clients hire Meynardie & Nanney because we work hard to implement litigation strategies that lead quickly to favorable results. Through the use of process mapping and legal project management to improve efficiency, and technology to reduce billable time we are able to offer our clients cost guarantees that are unheard of in litigation.

We can offer these benefits to our clients without ever sacrificing the quality of our representation.

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Who we are

Bob Meynardie and Joe Nanney left big law firms in 2008 and 2010, respectively, and formed this firm in the belief that there is a better way to deliver the highest quality legal services.  Technology has made the BigLaw way of providing legal services obsolete for the vast majority of legal services.

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What we do

At Meynardie & Nanney, we are trial lawyers. Our practice is focused on commercial, business, construction, and estate or fiduciary claims. Our experience trying these types of cases to verdict helps us resolve many claims without the expense and risk of trial. But whether a specific matter is resolved before or after trial, experience matters.

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Our Philosophy

We believe quality comes first. Every client, large or small deserves our best every day. We also believe that legal claims should not be decided by who has the deepest pockets and are committed to reducing costs and improving the process for the delivery of our services.

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Experienced business and construction trial advocates helping our clients find solutions to legal claims.


Our lawyers have more than 40 years of combined experience representing small businesses and commercial clients in a variety of industries throughout North Carolina. We understand business, and we will work hard to understand yours so as to obtain effective resolutions tailored to your objectives.

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The success of a construction project necessitates the involvement and collaboration of many stakeholders. At Meynardie & Nanney, PLLC, we apply our construction law experience to assist clients involved in a wide variety of construction projects in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina.

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A will is designed to provide direction on how a departed individual wishes to have assets divided amongst beneficiaries. When disputes arise between beneficiaries about inheritance, we provide informed counsel and guidance on pursuing a will contest, known as a will caveat proceeding in North Carolina.

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Bob Meynardie has been a mediator since 1999. He’s a member of the North Carolina Academy of Superior Court Mediators and the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals. Bob also serves on the American Arbitration Association’s National Panels of Commercial Arbitrators, Construction Arbitrators, Commercial Mediators and Construction Mediators.

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